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ISBS- MDP accepts requests from organizations for conducting customized training programs for their executives at different levels, and offers customized programs to suit the business and developmental needs of client organizations. Standard Modules from regular MDP’s are also combined and adapted, wherever necessary, to suit the requirements of client organizations.

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Delivering Customer Service Excellence :


Module Duration : 2 day.


Customer Service is regarded, by many business commentators, researchers and managers, as one of the single most powerful weapon for ensuring any company’s survival in today’s highly competitive marketplace-along with new forms of information technology. It is central to an organization’s development, as it is often the only thing that distinguishes one company from another.
This workshop targets at creating a “Service Culture“ amongst the people and in turn provide a “ Service Driven Organization” where the company is focused on what their customers constantly require. The workshop will impart a practical customer service training which will give all participants an understanding of its use in today’s work environment and help them in implementing the techniques in their respective work sphere.



Art of Effective Selling :

Module Duration : 2 day.


"The best salespeople sell differently". Everybody sells! In our personal or professional front we all sell either our ideas, thoughts or products & services of our company. But for every situation, knowing good sales techniques is critical.
High Probability Sales Training is based upon our study of top sales performers. We will teach you the sales process that leads to sales success. Follow the steps of this proven and structured selling system, and you would be able to close the majority of your prospects.


Mastering WIN-WIN Negotiating Skills :

Module Duration : 2 day.


We All Negotiate Everyday. Everything is negotiable and we all are negotiators but the question is “How Well Do you Negotiate?”
This workshop examines your negotiating styles and allows you to practice successful negotiating skills in your personal and professional life through Win-Win Outcomes. In turn you substantially not only save your time but also the company's time, money & aggravation and thereby get a positive advantage of getting the best possible deals. The ultimate result is a re-alignment of skills and a tremendous increase in sales productivity and all this through games, situational analysis and charged up role plays.


Interpersonal Communication :

Module Duration : 2 day.


“In business and in the workplace, on the domestic front and in our social lives, we all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills”.
Successfully getting your message across is paramount to progressing. This ability makes an individual compete effectively in the workplace, and helps him/her steer a successful career progression. Focusing on the basics of verbal, non-verbal, written and email communication on the corporate platform, this workshop will help in developing effective interpersonal communication in both personal & professional front.




Leadership & Team Development ( across all levels ) :

Module Duration : 2 day.


"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions."
Successful Team Leaders anticipate change, vigorously exploit opportunities, motivate their followers to higher levels of productivity, correct poor performance and lead the Organization to its objectives thereby reaching your own potential. The quality of any organization is determined by these two elements of Leadership & Team bonding.
This workshop takes an insight into self assessments, role and responsibilities, articulating vision and punching in dynamism in the participants to handle delegation, empowerment and organizational productivity .Leadership is enhanced through personal, team cohesive and organizational interdependency- bonding platforms with complete self realization of the participants.


Presentation Skills :

Module Duration : 1 day.


In an organization, we are often judged more on how we say it than on what we say.
Thus presentation skills are very useful - for business, sales, training, public speaking and self-development. Presentation formats, media and purpose vary a lot - oral, multimedia, power point presentations, short impromptu presentations, long planned presentations - but every successful presentation uses certain principles. Other than presentation techniques, this workshop also hones confidence and expertise in a big way among participants which decide the success of a presentation in the long run.

Campus to Corporate ( 32 hours induction module for new entrants ) :

Module Duration : 4 days or customizable as per requirement


“In a workplace efficiency has to be transformed to effectivity”
The need for campus to corporate originates from the dynamic environment that we operate in, though our education system prepares us thoroughly & intellectually, the work challenges require various business skills that are not part of curriculum in many institutions today.
A specially designed programme for management and engineering graduates, new joinees in your organization, to help them make a smooth transition from the college campus to the corporate office. The programme seeks to make the participants introspect, hone up their corporate skills, enjoy the fun-filled activities and gain knowledge & self confidence.



Conflict Management :

Module Duration : 1 day.


Conflict is present in every organization, and if people are resolving their conflicts with win-win outcomes, the result is effective teamwork. But if conflicts aren't resolved, working relationships erode and the result is a growing morale problem that needs attention.
The workshop examines conflict styles and allow participants to really see their own self-destructive behavior patterns. Through behavioral style assessments, interactive discussions, role play and effective training, it will help participants to change the way they they look at and handle the daily conflict. The result is a re-alignment of attitudes and a tremendous increase in teamwork.



Time Management :

Module Duration : 1 day.


Time is a very special resource that you cannot store or save for later. Each one of us get the same amount of time every day. When you become more productive by using the improved time management skills and tools, you can accomplish more with less effort.
Through the workshop, you will be stimulated to think about what you will do differently or how you can transfer the elements you have learnt into your practice, set up your goals, prioritize tasks and achieve your targets and deadlines.



Train the Trainer :

Module Duration : 3 day.


The crux of long term sustenance is to recreate trainers within the company as internal resources.
The Train the Trainer Workshop answers all these questions and also equips participants to have an understanding of adult learning principles, how to write effective learning objectives, how to use activities effectively, and how to handle the toughest crowds.  Presentation skills training,added to it, helps the participants to improve their specific challenges as trainers and presenters.



PowerPoint Presentations, Role plays, Exercises, Video Clippings, Interactive Sessions, Assessment tests, Group Discussions, Management Games, Situational Analysis & Exercises

Other than the programmes mentioned above, workshops are primarily customized as per requirement. For any further details on each of the workshops, feel free to get in touch.